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I’m J-P Salo, a full-time professional voice over artist, voice actor, singer, musician, producer at your service.

I’ve done voice overs, productions and voice roles since -95 for almost every possible purpose there is:  Commercials, radio- and tv-channels, tv-programs, movies, social media, corporate and product videos, in shop announcements, phone IVRs,  e-learning, video and console games, toys, audio books, yoga and relaxation videos etc.

I also produce radio commercials from your ready-made manuscript or from turnkey basis. If you need music for your production, don’t hesitate to ask for a tailor-made composition and production just for your needs.


Quality, speed, flexibility


Some clients that have used my voice:

Discovery Channel, Eurosport, Viaplay, Disney+, Sokos, Emotion, BMW, GlaxoSmithKline:Panadol, Clas Ohlson, Samsung, Philips, Bosch, Sony, Toshiba, Microsoft, Nordea, Scanoffice, Citymarket, K-Market, Gigantti, Länsiauto, Husqvarna, Kumho-renkaat, Ruisrock, Grundfos, Intersport, Neste Oil, Finnlines, Visma, Rengascenter, Autokeskus, Veikon Kone, Synsam, Hartela, Inaria, Audi, Stadium Outlet, Naantali Spa, Noblessa, Musti ja Mirri, OP Pohjola, OP Koti, Mobila, Kauppakeskus Veturi, Fortum, Wolt etc.

Quality, speed, flexibility

I have a professional studio with up-to-date equipment and if needed I can also mix and master your production for the desired media. You’ll receive my files fast, edited and ready via WeTransfer or a Dropbox link.

Voice actor Jari ”J-P” Salo

I’ve done hundreds or even thousands of voice acting roles and songs in children’s animations since 2003. Here are some examples: Sly Cooper Playstation game series, Pokémon, TMNT, Disney Planes 1&2 songs, Snowman & Snowdog songs, The Avengers: Captain America, Ratchet & Clank: Dr Nefarious, Little Big Planet 2 & 3, Disney Lady and the tramp 2020: Tramp, Disney Raya and the Last Dragon 2021: Benja. You’ll find an incomplete list of  my voice roles in here.

Listen to my demos and get in touch!

Radio Commercial TopFinance
Radio Commercial Rolls
Radio Commercial QRED
Radio Commercial Character XXL
JP Product Video
JP Podcast Intro
JP Dubbing Character-Cronk
JP Dubbing Character-ARCH
JP Corporate Video Messut
JP Corporate Video Character Grundfos
JP Commercial Character SCHNEIDER
JP Childrens Audiobook
JP B2B Commercial Bosch
JP TV Youtube Eezy
JP TV WEB Commercial Flex
JP TV Promo FormulaE
JP TV Commercial Veturi
JP TV Commercial Panadol
JP TV Commercial Lumme
JP TV Commercial LainionAkku
JP TV Commercial Cross
JP TV Commercial Gymstick
JP TV Channel Promo Eurosport
JP TV Channel Promo DC


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